America got what we prayed for.

Written by: Bryce Mansfield

Trump supporters storm the U.S. Capitol

Today, I am grieving for our country. As a God-fearing, biracial, politically center of the aisle, and loving community advocate, I am heartbroken. My heart breaks over what I saw when home-grown terrorists stormed our nation’s capitol building in an a massive effort to “protect the constitution” and “keep Donald J. Trump in office.” That’s what they believed they were doing.

What they really did was so embarrassing, I’m not sure if we can fully comprehend all of the consequences of it. What we Americans and people across the world witnessed today was asinine. These emboldened Trump supporters attacked our country. With the encouragement of our sitting president, they literally busted into the capitol building to disrupt the legitimate and constitutional process of certifying the electoral votes from our election last November.

Updates are still running across the television as I write this and they confirm that four people have died today because of these Trump sympathizers. Multiple police officers have been injured. Explosive devices were found and dismantled. Civilians have been hurt. All of this because of what? It goes back to the egotistical tyrant who voters put in office to begin with.

The red flags were thrown over and over again ahead of the 2016 election. Warning after warning was issued by person after person from every walk of life. Government leaders warned us about him. Some religious leaders warned us about him. People of color warned us about him. Non-people of color warned us about him. People who knew him well warned us about him. Instead of heeding those warnings, people prayed for him to be elected. People pushed for him to be in office. You may have pushed for him and prayed for him to be elected yourself. Did you get what you wanted?

Unfortunately, America did. In 2016, against all the warnings, the electorate selected Trump. Over the past four years, we’ve seen unapologetic and relentless support for him. Support was shown by family members, friends, companies, church congregations, and on. His rhetoric poured out of the mouths of his supporters in spite of legitimate cases racial injustice. Last year when black people were killed because of the color and criminalization of their skin, people who peacefully protested and demonstrated were called “thugs” by this president as well as his supporters. Today, the people who have been called “patriots” by this president were the same people who stormed the capitol with no respect for anyone’s life and no regard for our country.

The worst part of all of this is the fact that what happened today was all self-imposed. People in our country chose Trump. People in our country prayed for him to be elected. People in our country have supported him relentlessly. I know I didn’t. As a country, we got what we prayed for. After today’s awful display of anarchy, skewed “patriotism” as a result of the president’s lies delivered through his tweets and rallies, and the international embarrassment of our country that was supposed to be made “great again”, it’s time to push and pray for better. It’s time to do better. It’s time to move forward. Lord, help us.

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